Poker Hand Rankings from Cool Hand Poker

If you’re keen to learn about the best poker hands or you just want to know where you stand with your hand, this is the place to start.

For a novice online poker player it can get tough navigating the various hand rankings. Luckily, these are universal. Let’s take a look at the great tips I’ve found thru Cool Hand Poker about hand rankings. Obviously you’re looking to score the highest 5-card hand total possible – here’s where to start -

A Royal Flush has a straight from a 10 to an Ace all of the same suit and a flush is when you have any 5 cards, but they must be of the same suit

A Straight Flush has all 5 cards of the same suit whereas a straight is simply 5 consecutive cards

A Full House sports 3 cards of the same ranks with any 2 cards of another rank

Four of a Kind consists of 4 cards of equal rank like four 7’s, Kings, 9’s et cetera.Three of a Kind is exactly what its namesake suggests

Two Pair is any two cards of one rank with another two cards of another rank and one pair is any two cards of the same rank. A high card is the best card in your deck.

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